Romantic Wedding in Venice

Matrimonio a Venezia

May is really a perfect month to celebrate the wedding in Venice; Julie and Nick arrived in Italy from England last year for their wedding proposal, just in Venice, and they soon fell in love, so they decided to return for their wedding this year to live their dreams in one Of the cities considered among the most romantic in the world.
It became clear to me that Julie and Nick wanted a very romantic wedding and at the same time exclusive, I thought Venice was perfect to get this combination.

The ceremony was celebrated in the splendid church of S. Stefano overlooking the homonymous Campo Santo Stefano, a Gothic church with an imposing facade on a small typical street in Venice and a huge bell tower visible from all over the city.

The groom and the guests who came with the typical water taxi arrived all together and waited for the bride with their bridesmaids in front of the church portal; the somewhat sparkling spring air helped to electrifying everyone in anticipation. But fortunately, the Laguna has given us a warm sun and a perfect climate for a wedding.

After the solemn ceremony, which excited everyone; the newlyweds and bridesmaids and their guests reached Piazza S.Marco walking greetings to the tourists and many visitors who stopped them to congratulate for the wedding and here they began the festivities with a few bottles of champagne at the legendary Harry’s Bar For Bellini cocktails.

The reception was held in the prestigious Palazzo Zeno, built at the end of the 14th century by Carlo Zeno, “Captain of Mar”, hero and winner of the Chioggia war fought by Venice against Genoa.
The beautiful Gothic facade of the Palace overlooks the San Stin ridge, where for centuries is preserved intact, topped by two Elegant obelisks dating to the 17th century, an extraordinary location that is immediately enjoyed by the groom and the bride for the elegance of the rooms and the Breath-taking view.

For their welcome, Julie and Nick chose to get from the canal directly to the Garden of the Palace where the festive guests were waiting for them for the aperitif.

Personally I was happy and grateful to follow this young couple and to be part of the most important moment of their life.
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